AxlePower ensures that no energy goes to waste! This trailer-mounted solution recovers and stores energy generated by braking and driving downhill so you can power your refrigeration unit with sustainable energy.

Zero-emission refrigeration

Turn off your unit’s engine and power it electrically with sustainable energy.

Energ-e battery pack
Energy is stored in a high-voltage battery, placed underneath your trailer. Minimum two hours of autonomous operation.

BPW ePower Axle
New energy-efficient design reduces impact on your BEV’s battery.

Fully tractor independent

The entire system is trailer-mounted. Any tractor, driven by any power source, be it HVO, biodiesel or battery can be installed on your AxlePower trailer.

Smart Power Management

Our unique intelligent charging system automatically switches between 3 modes for optimal charging efficiency and ease of use, without driver intervention.

Recuperation mode
Energy recovered from braking and driving downhill, with no impact on the tractor’s fuel consumption.

Passive mode
Used when there is ample battery charge, or when transporting non-temperature sensitive products.

Active mode
Employed when the system detects the need to generate more battery charge to power your unit.

Watch how our unique Smart Power Management system works:


Keep an eye on your AxlePower solution and remove range anxiety with an all-electric extension of our TracKing platform. With the extended online telematic capabilities, you’ll always stay on top of your battery health, performance and remaining runtime! Additionally, you’ll have access to a significant amount of information that is crucial to your performance:

  • Setpoint
  • System performance
  • Battery charge time

New features allow you to optimize your AxlePower settings remotely and automate your battery management.

  • Energ-e pack parameters
  • Fleet utilization levels

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