Is your Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU) compliant?

Thermo King was the first industry player to fully adopt the requirements of new emission legislation for its transport refrigeration units (TRU). Thanks to fuel-efficient design modifications, all our truck and trailer products are now fully compliant– without compromising on cooling capacity or performance.

Full compliance with Stage V requirements of NRMM legislation

Since January 2019, new legislation (2016/1628) is in force to regulate the emissions of Non-Road Mobile Machinery. With Thermo King, you don’t have to worry about non-compliance.

No need for additional maintenance

Other companies equip their products with extra components which require additional service and regular maintenance. We made sure of finding a sustainable design solution.

Access all your customers

We make sure that you are compliant with the latest legislation. With our units, you can access your clients in low-emission zones with PIEK-certified equipment.

Discover our NRMM Stage V compliant transport refrigeration units here.