Introducing the UT-Series (Stage V compliant)

The new Thermo King UT-Series have been specifically developed for under-mount applications on trucks, drawbar trailers and highloaders with both you and the environment in mind. These units are not only kind to the environment, but also kind to your pocket. 

Number one for efficiency, reliability and durability – The UT-Series from Thermo King was born from years of extensive research, testing and experience; imitated by many, perfected only by Thermo King. 

At every stage of the development, the UT Series units have undergone rigorous testing procedures in cutting-edge R&D centers worldwide. This includes nonstop endurance tests, accelerated life tests and exposure to extreme operating environments. 

All of these measures ensure that you can rely on your UT-Series units for any type of application, in all conditions, without compromise.

Lower fuel consumption

  • Through extensive development and field experience, Thermo King have found the right balance between system efficiency, fuel consumption and performance
  • Advanced fuel-saving control technology with the TSR-3 controller means greater fuel efficiency
  • An innovative micro-channel condenser coil helps to reduce fuel consumption by over 10 % compared to a conventional tube and fin condenser coil

Easy to use and service

  • The TSR-3 controller, means error free operation is now simpler than ever. By simply using the symbolic display, errors can become a thing of the past
  • Low level alerts for oil and coolant
  • Easily programmable service intervals and scheduled maintenance reminders
  • Easy service accessibility to electrical and engine components

Lower life cycle costs

  • The TSR-3 controller allows optimum management of all functions within the unit, helping you to lower costs with each load
  • The extended maintenance interval EMI 2000, means that there is now up to 2000 hour intervals between engine oil and filter changes. This will help to lower maintenance costs significantly
  • A 19 cm reduction in length and a 20 kg reduction in weight results in reduced vehicle weight, increased vehicle payload and further fuel efficiency
  • The UT-Series units come with a full 2-year warranty

Reduced emissions & waste

  • With the GreenTech™ engine you can be assured that the UT-Series is playing its part in keeping the environment safe. These engines are by far the cleanest on the market, significantly exceeding all EU requirements (NRMM: Stage V)
  • 99.7 % of the unit material is recyclable
  • The UT-Series range is manufactured at Thermo King’s state-of-the-art facility in Galway, Ireland, which has held ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management since 2000
  • Bio-fuel and HVO compatibility

UT-Series – Brochure

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