The new TSR and TSR-3 controllers

Most advanced, but easiest to use

Powerful and simple to use, the new TSR and TSR-3 T-Series controllers make it easy for drivers to accurately manage the temperature in the truck, no matter what the load being hauled. Step-by-step instructions, depicted in symbolic form, make it quick and easy to precisely set and adjust the refrigeration unit, helping your customers, your drivers and your business.

TSR and TSR-3 Standard in-cab display
TSR-3 Premium in-cab display

New intuitive interface

Drivers will find the new TSR (available on T-500R only) and TSR-3 Standard in-cab display easy to use and fully intuitive. Critical information is clearly displayed using LEDs which are unaffected by high cab temperatures. Numbers and symbols avoid the use of language and keep things simple. Buttons with illuminated symbols avoid the use of menus to select key functions including Cycle Sentry, high speed inhibit, defrost and pre-trip check. Set-point changes are error-proof with colour coded up/down keys, set-point temperature display and an enter key to confirm. For even greater control of every aspect of a T-Series unit, a graphic TSR-3 Premium in-cab display is available as an option. The simple and logical menus, easy to read screen and choice of 21 languages make this the interface of choice for the advanced operator.

Fuel savings

The TSR and TSR-3 controllers include advanced features that deliver even greater fuel savings including:

  • Cycle-Sentry™ mode
  • ETV (T-1200R and T-1200R Spectrum only)
  • Electronic door switch input

Improved diagnostics

The TSR Controller includes the new Remote Watch service feature: a user-friendly web-based interface enabling on-the-road service and diagnosis, minimizing truck down time and reducing labour costs. The ServiceWatch™ service logger is integrated in the TSR-3 controller and provided as standard.

  • Enables faster and more accurate fault diagnosis
  • Reduces downtime and labour hours
  • Keeps a record of system operating modes and performance characteristics

Easy-to-read display

The new LED display is bright and clear, ensuring better visibility in all light conditions and at all ambient temperatures.

Enhanced safety and security

At the end of the day, protecting the load is what matters. The TSR and TSR-3 controllers make that job easier and even more effective with a range of enhanced features:

  • Keypad with lock-out to avoid tampering
  • Phase correction to avoid reverse fan rotation on electric standby
  • Diesel/electric auto switching to protect cargo in the event of electrical power outage
  • Set-point warning to protect the load
  • Oil and coolant level alerts to protect the engine
  • Tiered security access levels for appropriate personnel to simplify operation and avoid operator error
  • Diesel engine and electric stand-by hour meter display
  • TouchLog datalogging device and TracKing compatibility (Not available on T-560R)
  • Password protection