The UT-Series takes undermount refrigeration to a new level.

Developed for multiple applications, from inner city and city-to-city distribution to pharmaceutical transport and airport catering, the UT-Series is the most powerful refrigeration system in its category, as well as being small, highly efficient, and kind to the environment. Its advanced technology delivers the performance you need, while lowering costs, noise, and emissions.

Discover the benefits of UT-Series refrigeration units for your trucks, draw-bar trailers, and highloaders.

At home in the city

The UT-Series ensures quick temperature recovery after multiple drops, low noise and emission levels, and the option of single and multi-temperature deliveries.

Out on the road

When used for long-haul deliveries, the UT-Series delivers reliable refrigeration that requires less maintenance, lowers noise emissions, and reduces fuel consumption.

Taking to the skies

At the airport, the UT-Series is used for catering, reliably delivering high-capacity refrigeration on a scissor-lift truck, with low fuel consumption and emissions.

Delivering pharmaceuticals

The UT-Series ensures cargo safety for pharmaceutical goods with precise temperature control, impeccable reliability, accurate telematics, and independent datalogging. 

UT-Series – Brochure

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