I care about connectivity

Connected Solutions, our remote temperature control solutions, turns the data of our sustainable T-Series and undermount UT-Series into practical intelligence.  They introduce greater visibility, remote monitoring, and proactive control into your day-to-day operations. 


track vehicle and cargo regardless of location

as standard

demonstrate the condition of any load in transit

gives you the power to react to any new challenge

Retrofitting TK BlueBox in your T-Series and UT-Series 

To start reaping in the benefits of Connected Solutions in your T-Series unit (Single Zone, Multi Zone, and Intermodal) and  UT-Series unit (UT SPECTRUM, UT XTREME HIGH AMBIENT, UT-Hybrid) the installation of TK BlueBox is necessary. 

  1. E-mail your nearest dealer for an appointment.
  2. Bring in your unit.
  3. Your dealer will install TK BlueBox in 30 minutes.
  4. Enjoy remote temperature control solutions on Thermo King’s platform (or a platform of your choice)