UT-HybridDrive – How it works

Frigoblock alternator converts power from tractor engine into electricity

  • Frigoblock is the leading producer of alternator drive systems with 40 years’ experience.
  • Leading truck manufacturers already take into account the technical requirements for the installation of Frigoblock alternators during the development of new trucks.

Frigoblock inverter transforms electricity from alternator to power UT-HybridDrive refrigeration unit

  • Delivers constant voltage and frequency to the unit regardless of vehicle engine speed.
  • Guarantees rapid start-up of the unit with low mechanical stress.

Thermo King UT-HybridDrive diesel-electric refrigeration unit

  • Unit can run on full electric or autonomous diesel power.
  • HybridDrive technology is available on a wide range of T-Series and UT-Series models. In addition to a choice of nosemount and undermount installations, you can choose from a range of multi-temp configurations. In this way you can optimise your vehicle utilisation and delivery capabilities while maintaining exceptionally low cost of ownership.