Quality you can rely on

Thermo King’s T-Series is the result of years of extensive research and stringent testing, ensuring each unit can provide unmatched reliability and operating economy. Rigorous procedures include non-stop endurance tests, accelerated life tests and exposure to extreme operating environments. All of these measures ensure that the T-Series leads the market for reliability, durability, economy and performance, even in the harshest conditions.

GreenTech Engine

  • Low emissions
  • High performance
  • Increased life
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Full compliance with NRMM Stage V.

E-coated frame

  • Automotive grade immersion electrocoating uses an electrical current to attract paint to metal
  • Ensures complete paint coverage for total corrosion resistance
  • Enhances unit life and protects resale value

Unit Grille and Panels

  • Aerodynamic exterior panels help reduce vehicle fuel consumption
  • Removable side doors give excellent service access 
  • Recyclable engineered plastic (Fibre-Reinforced Plastic for T-560R) is impact-resistant and has in-mould colouring to reduce and hide scratches, protecting the original good looks and resale value

Extended Maintenance Interval

  • Up to 2000 hour / 24 month oil change intervals
  • Reduced clean-up and disposal costs
  • Reduced environmental impact with less spillage and less oil, filter and coolant waste
  • Extended engine life with improved, highly efficient oil filtration
  • Lower maintenance costs than competitor models


  • Bigger condenser and evaporator coils give extreme ambient capability, more cooling capacity and more efficiency with less noise
  • The latest in all-aluminium microchannel condenser coil design. Eliminates galvanic corrosion caused when copper and aluminium found in conventional coils react together
  • Reduced fuel consumption and a smaller refrigerant charge mean reduced environmental impact
  • Lighter and easier to clean

Thermo King Reciprocating Compressors

  • The industry standard for proven reliability and easy service
  • Two and four cylinder compressors with extended life crankshaft bearings
  • High efficiency due to more pumping capacity per cubic centimetre
  • Proven reliability over millions of operating hours
  • Field-repairable for easy service; no special tools or facilities required
  • Greater than 10.000 hours service interval


  • Poly-V stretch belt system delivers exceptional belt life
  • Advanced materials provide Quiet Channel technology

Electronic Throttling Valve

  • On the T-1200R and T-1200R Spectrum, the ETV reduces engine emissions,increases fuel economy, improves temperature management and delivers faster pull-down.
  • As the temperature approaches set-point, the ETV begins to close, throttling the refrigerant gas returning to the compressor and thus reducing its cooling/ heating capacity. This provides very smooth and steady temperature control, resulting in ideal conditions for sensitive fresh produce. Less thermal shock means less weight loss through evaporation and therefore longer product shelf life.