Solutions for multi temperature distribution

The new range of T-Series Spectrum units will meet the extreme demands of any multi temperature distribution operation, thanks to the tireless focus on reducing noise levels and emissions, while maximizing performance, efficiency and reliability.

Distribution operations are not all the same. That is why all T-Series Spectrum units are available with a choice of two or three blower remote evaporators that can be used in a number of different configurations. With the ability to support up to three zones in both compartment and lane applications, there is a solution to match every application. Thermo King Dealers can assist in selecting the right unit and configuration for your application.

Maximum performance for the most demanding operations

The T-1200R Spectrum has a class-leading 11,300W of refrigeration capacity at 0°C box temperature, which even exceeds the performance of some trailer units. It does so by using advanced technology including an Electronic Throttling Valve. This ensures that product temperature is always maintained, even in the most severe ambient temperatures and with frequent door openings.

Using the TSR-3 controller and the latest in control software, the T-Series Spectrum operator can select from a range of programmable features to precisely tailor unit performance to the needs of the load carried, balancing temperature management and fuel economy.

Optional door switches are available to minimise temperature fluctuations during multiple delivery drops by automatically switching off the unit each time the doors are opened.