Whisper Quiet Operation

With the SLXi range, we are offering three levels of noise treatment:

  • The standard SLXi unit, best in class for quiet operation thanks to noise-reduced components, low engine speeds and extensive noise containment measures within the unit design.
  • An optional upgrade with the Whisper™ noise attenuating kit, available for most models and delivering a reduction in sound levels.
  • A top-of-the-range PIEK certified Whisper™ Pro version, available for the SLXi-300 and SLXi Spectrum(multi-temperature) models, which:
    • Complies with the most stringent noise abatement standards
    • Requires no manual intervention to activate or deactivate PIEK mode
    • Involves no additional installation or service costs being a one-piece nose-mount unit and
    • Features a dedicated controller which monitors the time and GPS position to force the unit into PIEK mode.