SLXi Hybrid Future-ready technology

Thermo King, undisputed leader in diesel-powered trailer refrigeration, teamed up with Frigoblock, supreme expert in electric-powered solutions. The result is the industry’s first true hybrid trailer unit, offering all the benefits of both diesel and electric power.

Diesel and electric power each have their own advantages. By combining them as a hybrid, we can ensure that your operation is fully adaptable to current and future environmental requirements.

SLXi Hybrid provides the lowest total cost of ownership and the smallest environmental footprint for both distribution and long haul applications.

You adapt. You win. Always.

SLXi Hybrid – How it works.

Frigoblock alternator converts power from tractor engine into electricity

  • Frigoblock is the leading producer of alternator drive systems with 40 years’ experience.
  • Leading truck manufacturers already take into account the technical requirements for the installation of Frigoblock alternators during the development of new trucks.

Frigoblock inverter transforms electricity from alternator to power SLXi refrigeration unit

  • Delivers constant voltage and frequency to the unit regardless of vehicle engine speed.
  • Guarantees rapid start-up of the unit with low mechanical stress.

Thermo King SLXi diesel-electric refrigeration unit

  • Unit can run on full electric or autonomous diesel power.
  • Hybrid mode available for all applications: single- or multi-temperature, standard or PIEK-certified Whisper Pro.

Innovators think Hybrid

System intelligence for ease of operation, compliance and productivity gains

  • Thermo King BlueBox gives the SLXi Hybrid advanced connectivity and extended communication capability for optimised fleet management and productivity.
  • Compliance with PIEK or Low Emissions Zone restrictions can be ensured without driver intervention.
  • The system automatically selects the best operating mode for the current circumstances. When the vehicle comes to a halt, the unit’s controller monitors temperature requirements and vehicle location to either remain in electric mode inside a diesel-ban area or shift to diesel mode if additional cooling is needed.

Retrofittable so no need to wait for new equipment purchases

  • The SLXi Hybrid gives you the opportunity to optimise your existing fleet and minimise your environmental footprint.
  • Your Thermo King Dealer can advise on the best retrofit solution for your specific needs.
  • Your asset values can be maintained while securing short-term investments.
  • You retain total flexibility in choosing alternative fuels such as LNG, CNG and biofuel.