Control every inch of your trailer. With Spectrum, your fleet becomes flexible like never before. Ultra-precise multi-zone temperature control, with the landmark Advancer reliability and pulldown times. Spectrum gives a total sense of multi-temp mastery.

Fit for every occasion

Spectrum unlocks multi-temp configurations, but can also be used as a single temp unit. Whether you need it freezing cold at the back and only slightly chilly in the front or frozen solid all the way across, the Spectrum allows your fleet to tackle any challenge.

Tailored temperature control

Two distinct cooling modes mean that your Spectrum will cool precisely how you want it to:

Continuous mode

Tight, meticulous temperature control for sensitive cargo, such as pharma and fresh produce. Air circulates continuously.

Cycle sentry mode

Maximum fuel saving for products that require less strict temperature control. Air will only circulate when the temperature falls outside of the setpoint range.

Level up your remote zones with two new S3A & S6A remote evaporators:

  • Higher zone cooling capacity 
  • Faster pulldown 
  • More precise temperature management
  • Superior system balance between zones

Compatible with a variety of power sources

Future-proof your fleet with Spectrum. The multi-temp Advancer works seamlessly with alternative, sustainable power sources to help you hit your emission goals.


Let the road power Spectrum, with the smart power recovery system that lets you run your cooling unit with recaptured, zero-emission energy, generated by your vehicle’s axle.


Tackle both interregional roads and the last mile. Power Spectrum with a hybrid unit that seamlessly switches between diesel and electric, thanks to the combination of Thermo King’s industry-leading cooling technology and FRIGOBLOCK’s electric ingenuity.

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