Advancer Hybrid – long-haul performance & inner-city access

Our sustainable and brand-new hybrid version of Advancer was built to perform in city centers as well as on the highway – even when powered by alternative fuel sources such as CNG, LNG or biofuel. Even the first 100% electric long-haul trucks will be fully compatible with Advancer Hybrid.

Thanks to its increased range, our hybrid unit is optimized for short- and long-haul deliveries – leading to drastically lower fuel consumption. Hybrid technology is available for the entire A-Series range.

Cut 90% of emissions for full urban access

Your entry ticket to any city center

In an effort to improve air quality and overall living conditions, municipalities all over the world are imposing access limitations on city centers such as diesel bans, NRMM Stage V, PIEK and other (Ultra) Low Emission Zones.

With Advancer Hybrid, you can still deliver pharmaceuticals and fresh foods to your clients in the city – while simultaneously limiting your environmental impact.

Furthermore, the noise level of the unit can be reduced to minimal PIEK levels for complete urban access.

Save up to 5,000 liters of fuel per unit, per year 

Use less fuel without compromising performance

Using Advancer Hybrid for long-haul deliveries will save you up to 5,000 liters of fuel per unit, per year. Your sustainability impact will improve as well – with a reduction of 13,500 kg of CO2 per unit, per year.

Finally, in hybrid mode, Advancer will run fewer engine hours – resulting in:

  • less frequent maintenance 
  • further costs savings 
  • extended equipment life

No need for manual intervention

Thanks to automatic geofencing, Advancer Hybrid automatically switches between diesel and electric mode.
As a result, your drivers won’t have to intervene manually when entering a restricted area.

Technical ingenuity for sustainable long-haul deliveries

The combination of Thermo King’s top-notch trailer refrigeration units and FRIGOBLOCK’s electric ingenuity provides you with an opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds:

FRIGOBLOCK alternator

converting power from tractor engine into electricity 


transforming electricity from alternator to power Advancer Hybrid 

Advancer 48V DC
hybrid architecture

handling both electric and diesel motor 

Integrated solar panels 

increasing the battery’s reliability 

A-Series Hybrid – Brochure

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