Fuel Filters

Genuine Thermo King EMI 3000 Fuel Filter

Key Features

  • Coated and lined to prevent corrosion.
  • Spring insulator to reduce electrolysis and corrosion inside the can.
  • Engine life is extended by avoiding the risk of corrosion caused by water.
  • Pickup tube inside the filter that returns water to fuel tank so water does not have to manually be drained from the filter. Eliminates the risk that water enters the fuel pump and injectors.
  • Patented design that automatically removes potentially damaging water from the filter sump and returns it back to the fuel tank to be drained.
  • High strength gasket that resists heat and distortion for extended seal life.
  • Heavy-duty baseplate with tuck-lock seam that resists seal leakage due to pressure distortion.
  • High strength cellulose/glass media that offers superior contaminate filtering capacity and efficiency.
  • Water stripping media that removes water before it can damage the fuel system and extends life of engine by avoiding corrosion caused by water.
  • Heavy-duty, epoxy coated housing is impervious to cracking and corrosion.