Our engines are designed specifically for Thermo King applications with a focus on low emissions and high performance. Each engine is tested and validated to ensure compliance with our rigorous quality control standards.

The GreenTech engine from Thermo King drastically reduces emissions, waste and noise pollution, exceeding all known requirements, including the most stringent EU standards.

Thermo King GreenTech Engine

Key Features

  • High performance: GreenTech engines are not only the cleanest engine on the market today, they are also more powerful and cause less stress to components.
  • Noise: no effect on overall sound power or pressure of unit. However, the tonal quality of the new engines is markedly superior.
  • Bio-fuel compatibility: the new engine is approved for use with B5 fuels (5% bio / 95% petroleum diesel) with no change in the maintenance schedule.
  • Reduced emissions of particulate matter. 
  • A selection of engines are available on the Thermo King exchange programme -exchange new for old at a lower net cost.