Oil Filters

Genuine Thermo King EMI 3000 Oil Filter

Key Features

  • High efficiency full-flow element developed for use on Thermo King units to support the extended maintenance interval and provide clean lubricant to the engine.
  • Designed specifically for Thermo King applications with maximum capacity and efficiency to prevent excessive engine wear and damage.
  • High strength gasket that resists heat and distortion for extended seal life.
  • Heavy-duty baseplate with tuck-lock seam that resists seal leakage due to pressure distortion.
  • Spiral center tube that prevents media breakdown to maximise flow.
  • High strength cellulose/glass media that offers superior contaminant filtering capacity and efficiency.
  • A patented two-stage arrangement that provides more filtering surface to increase holding capacity and filter life by directing the oil through a full-flow section and a metered portion that continues through the by-pass section while removing finer contaminants.
  • Steel spring that maintains pressure on seal while keeping oil from bypassing filter element.
  • Heavy-duty, epoxy coated housing is impervious to cracking and corrosion.