Air Filters

Genuine Thermo King EMI 3000 Air Filter

Key Features

  • Built-in cyclonic separator that filters heavier particles which get automatically discharged through the evacuation valve.
  • Built-in sonic choke for intake silencing. 
  • High efficiency patented filter design developed for use on Thermo King units to support our extended maintenance interval.
  • Unique and trademarked filter media specially designed for Thermo King units and constructed for transport application.
  • Special media outperforms standard cellulose media by delivering higher efficiency and capturing more contaminant.
  • Thermo King filter media holds up to five times more contaminant than standard cellulose air filters.

EMI 3000 Air Cleaner assembly & filter system

Thermo King high efficiency filtration

The filter media in Thermo King air filters causes submicron contaminant to load on the surface rather than dispersing throughout the depth of the filter where there is less area for the air to flow. Therefore, in on-road applications, where the contaminant is primarily soot (submicron in size), the Thermo King air filter has less restriction than filters with cellulose media. The smaller, interfiber spaces of filter media deliver higher efficiency and capture more contaminant.

The fibers in the our filter media have submicron diameter and small interfiber spaces which result in more contaminant being captured on the surface of the media and lower restriction.

Filter Media Comparative Cross Section Orange circles represent the diameter of a 2μ and a 5μ particle.

Cellulose fibers are larger and have larger spaces between the fibers, causing contaminant to load in the depth of the media and plug the airflow path; resulting in higher restriction and less capacity.