Thermo King design and build their own compressors specifically for the extreme demands of truck and trailer transport temperature control applications. Our compressors are built to last and are continuously developed to do justice to the high demands from customers.

Genuine Thermo King compressors are developed by dedicated teams of Thermo King engineers and tested extensively in state-of-the-art R&D centres for high performance and long life to keep you on the road for longer.

X-430 C5 Compressor

Key Features

  • The most robust range ever developed with increased performance, capacity and utilisation.
  • Reduced fuel consumption-reduced friction due to new high precision crankshaft bearings leads to longer compressor life and less fuel consumed.
  • Increased life span – Thermo King uses oil pump housings designed to reduce stress on bearings, increasing the compressor lifespan.
  • Proven reliability – Thermo King compressors are engineered by Thermo King and extensively tested for optimum performance and reliability under extreme conditions.
  • A selection of compressors are available on the Thermo King exchange programme -exchange new for old at a lower net cost.
  • Thermo King offers a selection of remanufactured X430 C3 compressors with the same quality as new parts and at attractive prices.

Reciprocating compressors

Key Features

  • High volumetric efficiency vs. other reciprocating compressors due to more pumping capacity per cubic centimetre
  • Reliable, time-tested design
  • Field-repairable for easy service
  • No special tools or facilities required
  • Removable and replaceable cast iron cylinder sleeve design
  • Available on the Thermo King exchange programme -exchange new for old at a lower net cost

Scroll compressors

Key Features

  • High efficiency and greater capacity
  • Less noise and vibration
  • Less maintenance (87% fewer moving parts)
  • E nickel-plated Oldham coupling for greater Reliability