T-Series Whisper™

Quieter operation, no compromises

Noise is a critical consideration for all transport businesses but especially for distribution in urban areas.

Exhaustive sound analysis was conducted in Thermo King’s acoustic laboratories to both contain noise and actually reduce it at source. Many components have been redesigned to perform at their optimum while minimising the generation of noise.

No compromises have been made on refrigeration capacity, even at extreme ambient temperatures where other equipment would simply shut down. This has been achieved by the use of larger condensers with Microchannel technology, low-noise fans, lower operating speeds and noise absorbing materials.

Class-leading low-noise performance

The T-Series Whisper™ was conceived and designed with ultra low noise as a key requirement, being up to 76% quieter compared to the standard T-Series models. The T-1000R and T-1200R Whisper™ models have been further optimised to ensure up to 75% less noise compared to their predecessors.

Even when compared to quiet technologies used by its competitors, T-Series Whisper™ is up to 20% quieter. That makes our units the optimum solution for your business, combining whisper-quiet operation with topnotch reliability, low fuel consumption and outstanding performance.