A comprehensive product range for temperature controlled and GDP compliant pharmaceutical transport

Thermo King offers a comprehensive range of GDP qualified equipment essential for temperature-controlled pharma transportation.

From Truck, Trailer, Marine or Air transport to Last Mile Delivery, Thermo King has a refrigeration solution for every step of your distribution model.

A complete qualified range of temperature control units, systems and solutions

Refrigeration Solutions For Trailer Transport 

Our range of single- and multi temperature refrigeration solutions for trailers are GDP-qualified for the temperature-controlled transport of sensitive pharmaceutical products.

Thermo King has introduced fully variable airflow, a unique technology in the world of transport refrigeration.  FVA ensures the most precise temperature control and the ability to set precise airflow conditions, both critical features for pharma transport.

Our real-time tracking and remote monitoring system TracKing™ enables detection of temperature deviations and immediate action to secure the load.  

Refrigeration Solutions For Trucks

Our Truck range for pharma transport set new industry standards for reliability and for precise temperature control.

Built-in connectivity and extended communication capability makes it possible to interact with the unit to ensure that the load is protected at all times and to have complete visibility on the cargo.

Refrigeration Solutions For Last-Mile Delivery

Small Trucks equipped with the Thermo King Pharma Kit can be used for the “Pharma Last Mile”, including transport from distributors, wholesalers or manufacturers to hospitals and pharmacies.

The Pharma Kit enables Small Truck units to meet Pharma GDP qualification requirements. It ensures that product quality is maintained to the very highest standard throughout the distribution chain and especially during the vital “last mile”. These deliveries are typically performed by small vans and trucks.

Portable Refrigeration Solutions

ColdCube™, Thermo King’s Cold container solutions for professional mobile refrigeration, provide a safe transport of biomedical products, vaccines, blood tubes and biological samples in the most demanding environmental conditions and are ideal for distribution to pharmacies and directly to patients.

ColdCube™ Pharma containers are designed to meet the stringent temperature control required for pharmaceutical transport. The heating function allows for more precise temperature control within the cargo space, regardless of outside ambient conditions. The extended temperature range means more flexibility in the transport services offered.

Refrigeration Solutions for Containers

Thermo King is the first refrigeration equipment manufacturer to achieve GDP certification for marine applications and offers the only independently GDP certified reefer on the market.

Refrigeration Solutions For Air Transport

Thermo King’s refrigeration unit used for Air Cargo transportation are produced in co-operation with Envirotainer, market leader in active containers for air transport and are mainly used for transportation of pharmaceutical goods. The unit is assembled within an insulated cargo-container which results in very reliable temperature management compared to passive solutions.

Refrigerated Storage Solutions For Pharmaceutical Products

Thermo King’ s Cold Storage Solutions can be used for unplanned temporary cold storage requirements or manufacturing operations that need additional storage capacity. With the rise of temporary cold storage needs for pharmaceuticals and extra capacity in hospital environments, Thermo King’s Cold Storage Solutions offer safe, effective, flexible and mobile storage as well as temporary testing capabilities in low or ultra low temperatures.

Performance is exceptional, providing highest cooling capacity in combination with precise temperature control from fresh to deep frozen, even in the most severe applications (high ambient temperatures, frequent door openings, long running hours).

Telematics & Real Time Monitoring

Our real-time tracking and remote monitoring system TracKing™ enables detection of temperature deviations and allows immediate action to secure the load.  TracKing™ is GAMP5 validated.

TracKing™ allows manufacturers, shippers and fleet operators to guarantee product integrity and on-time delivery. Temperature reports and graphs prove sensitive cargo was maintained at the desired temperature throughout every point in the journey . With door sensor data available on the Tracking platform, you can record all door openings to keep an eye on temperature and load security.

Dealer Network And Training

Pharmaceutical transporters can rely on the extensive Thermo King Dealer Network for guidance on installation and use of refrigeration systems. Customised training services can also be offered based on the customer’s operations and needs in relationship to the requirements of the GDP guidelines.

TK PharmaSolutions customers can count on highly trained technicians from more than 500 service points in 75 countries to service their equipment according to GDP standards.