Real-time tracking, monitoring and fleet management beyond incident response

PharmaSolutions recommends the use of remote monitoring systems such as Thermo King’s TracKing™ to reduce the risk of damage, loss of quality and wastage of high value medical and biological products.

TracKing™ is a web-based solution that uses GPRS and GPS technology to track and trace shipments in real-time.

  • Remote monitoring and control of temperature setpoint, return and discharge air and load temperatures to prevent excursions outside manufacturer specifications.
  • Pre-trip reports and scheduled pre-cooling to ensure transport containers are ready for loading.
  • Log and record of temperature data during transport is also available through Thermo King dataloggers, which are compliant with European standards EN12830.
  • TracKing™ allows manufacturers, shippers and fleet operators to guarantee product integrity and on‑time delivery.

Fleet management beyond incident response

PharmaSolutions offers 24/7 fleet monitoring services for end-to-end management of any refrigerated vehicle fleet.

Supported by Thermo King’s unmatched service network, pharmaceutical manufacturers are assured of smooth distribution operations, while logistics providers are guaranteed maximum uptime for their fleet. There are more than 500 service points in 75 countries, each with highly trained technicians to service your equipment according to GDP standards.

The 24/7 fleet monitoring service is becoming available as a customised service offering, a combination of a ThermoKare™ contract and TracKing™.