Environmental control systems for small vehicles

Thermo King offers a complete S-Series product line to meet a wide range of applications, including small buses, vans, ambulances, security vehicles and special purpose vehicles. These systems are supported by the industry’s largest worldwide service organisation and are engineered for reliability, low maintenance and high performance for the life of the vehicle.

Key Features

S-Series S-20 II
  • Highest capacity
  • Highest airflow
  • Best performance
  • Worldwide support
  • Best value

Product Features

Duct system

The S-Series evaporator, when used with the side discharge plenum, can be installed into a ducted system. The duct distributes the cool air evenly to all areas of the bus interior. This system works best for tour and commuter buses. The evaporator hidden inside the ductwork does not affect appearance.

Free-blow system

The S-Series evaporator is also designed to be installed so the cool air is directly discharged into the passenger area. This creates faster temperature reduction for rider comfort. Since there are no air distribution ducts, the installation is simple and low in cost. This system works particularly well for short haul operations, such as airport and hotel shuttles.

Dependable retrofit applications

The S-Series product line is versatile and flexible for both retrofit and factory installations in a variety of small bus HVAC applications. Choices of undermount and low profile rooftop condensers, ducted or free-flow evaporators, and modular installation kits attractively integrate with vehicle design. A combination of lightweight aluminium, fibreglass and plastic construction enhances aesthetics, is corrosion resistant and reduces maintenance costs.