Optimizing ventilation, optimizing passenger comfort and safety

Ventilation in enclosed spaces is a critical component in the fight against airborne viruses. Thermo King has developed an innovative way to optimize fresh air ventilation inside buses while minimizing energy consumption by the HVAC unit. The result is passenger safety and comfort combined with maximum driving range for electric buses.

This solution is specifically targeted at diesel, hybrid and electric buses equipped with the Thermo King CANAIRE® controller. Our sensor continuously monitors CO2 levels so that we can precisely control the amount of fresh air entering the vehicle. By keeping the balance optimized, we can ensure passenger and driver comfort do not negatively impact energy consumption.

  • Monitors CO2 levels to manage fresh air ventilation and thus control aerosols
  • Thermo King proprietary software balances energy conservation and ventilation
  • Compatible with our CAN communication and available on all CANAIRE® models including Athenia heat pump systems
  • Easily installed in 2 hours
  • Non-intrusive design, invisible to passengers
  • Fresh air flaps feature a step-less drive for smooth operation and optimal control.