Our wide range of units makes the AtheniaTM MkIII the ideal choice for any conditions in Europe, the Middle East or Asia Pacific. This advanced design offers proven reliability with minimum footprint, low cost of ownership and, most importantly, the ultimate in passenger comfort and safety.

A new standard in passenger comfort

  • Increased cooling performance combined with enhanced control
  • Customisable CANAIRE™ control system manages up to seven temperature zones

Prioritising passenger safety

  • AdvanTech™ Fresh Air control option optimizes air quality and reduces the risk of airborne viruses

Minimized environmental footprint

  • Reduced weight reduces vehicle fuel consumption
  • 50% less refrigerant with micro-channel coils
  • Extremely low operating noise for urban areas

Reduced cost of operation

  • Lower fuel costs due to reduced weight
  • Rapid, low cost installation with screw or glue choice
  • Ergonomic design for easy service access
  • Proven Thermo King design for reliability and durability

Choice and flexibility

  • Choice of 3 models to meet your needs: S-500, S-805 and S-960
  • Compatible with bus roofs with a radius from flat to 7.5m
  • Wide range of cooling capacities
  • All models available in cool only or cool/heat versions

ATHENIA™ MkIII Series – Brochure

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