The package

As the name implies, the ComfortPlus solution offers you the comfort of our full range of services. The package covers all the costs of parts and services, whether scheduled or unscheduled, and regardless of the authorised Thermo King dealer used. ComfortPlus provides complete flexibility, with customised programmes meeting the operator’s needs, based on the number of unit operating hours and the contract duration.

The benefits

Budgeting and cash-flow planning become entirely predictable, and the risk of incurring any unexpected costs is completely eliminated.

The added value

ComfortPlus also offers fleet managers a wide range of detailed reports, such as the number and locations of unscheduled services, information on parts supplied, etc.
Like all service solutions with ComfortPlus you enjoy full access to the iKare Thermo King portal where the status of any of your units can be checked.

With ComfortPlus you can count on:

  •  Risk elimination
    ThermoKare takes full responsibility for all preventative maintenance, servicing and repairs.
  •  Fleet management
    Detailed reporting by unit on all scheduled and unscheduled services.
  •  Service history
    Access to the service history of all units through the iKare customer portal website.
  •  Flexible support
    Each contract is customised, and levels of support can be adapted to the needs of your business and budget.