Blue Track: An uptime program that keeps you on the road

Blue Track is a wide range of best-in-class service initiatives designed to lift your uptime. To keep your drivers comfortable at all times. To keep you ahead of the pack.

24/7 fleet alarm monitoring

Remote triage and express service

Proactive maintenance and repair

Faster diagnosis, faster repairs, and first-time solution

Consistent service experience

Improved customer communication

Fleet utilization analytics 

Downtime = half your costs 

The ability to reduce downtime, both expected and unexpected, and boost vehicle utilization is vital for any transport company.

It’s estimated that 50% of the costs incurred by transport fleets are connected to unscheduled downtime, including lost loads, poor utilization, and excess driver costs.

Our team of Blue Track uptime experts gladly provides solutions to your most pressing day-to-day concerns. They are always at your side to boost your uptime while helping your drivers perform to the best of their abilities.

“We’ll go the extra mile, so you don’t have to” 

With the Blue Track Program from Thermo King, our team is dedicated to keeping your fleet out on the road, running for longer, and earning for longer. This is an uptime program designed to help transform the availability of refrigerated vehicles through a series of complementary capabilities:

  1. “I help you anticipate and address potential issues.”
    24/7 proactive maintenance and repair resources wherever you need them
  2. “I put your investment to work.” 
    boost ROI and increase fleet utilization by 5%
  3. “I keep your units running for longer.”  
    minimize both planned and unplanned downtime by 15-20%
  4. “I provide expertise where you need it most.” 
    immediate access to the latest diagnostic know-how 
  5. “I transform your service experience.” 
    fast track any service activity

Blue Track Select dealers: a new level of transport service 

Within our extensive service network of over 500 authorized service points in 75 countries, you can experience a new level of service excellence through Thermo King’s certified Blue Track Select dealers. 

  • Extensive coverage: With over 500 authorized service points in 75 countries
  • 24/7 availability: Where you can call on support any time of day or night
  • Technical expertise: Thermo King dealers can call upon a powerful array of advanced diagnostic tools
  • Product knowledge: Our technicians are fully skilled in all transport refrigeration products, including diesel and electric
  • Always-on accesibility: With Blue Track, skilled technical support is only a phone call or text message away
  • Genuine parts: Be confident that every part our dealers use has been extensively tested and conform to world-class standards

Your entry-ticket to a multitude of Blue Track advantages

Add a ‘non-risk package’ that offers complete peace of mind with predefined fixed costs, and the assurance of consistently outstanding service levels across Europe.

Optimize fleet efficiency 

Minimize operating costs

Assure the resale value of assets