Is your TRU future-proof?

Thermo King is the first industry player to fully adopt the requirements of new emission legislation for its transport refrigeration units (TRU). Thanks to fuel-efficient design modifications, all our truck and trailer products are now fully compliant– without compromising on cooling capacity or performance.

Full compliance with Stage V requirements of NRMM legislation

Since January 2019, new legislation (2016/1628) is in force to regulate the emissions of Non—Road Mobile Machinery. With Thermo King, you don’t have to worry about non-compliance.

No need for additional maintenance

Other companies equip their products with extra components which require additional service and regular maintenance. We made sure of finding a sustainable design solution.

Environmentally friendly

The energy-saving modifications of Thermo King’s SLXi, T-series, and UT-series are another big step towards realizing Ingersoll Rand’s vision for a more sustainable future. Create a better world of transport with us.

Discover our NRMM Stage V compliant transport refrigeration units here.