ThermoKare Service Solutions


The service solutions are designed to optimise the efficiency of your fleet, minimise operating costs and maximise the resale value of your equipment. Choosing a ThermoKare programme will allow you to eliminate non-core tasks such as maintenance planning, scheduling, invoice interpretation and general fleet administration from your daily business operations. You can also opt for an ‘all-risk package’ offering complete peace of mind and predefined fixed costs, with assurance of a consistent service level.

Our experts will analyse your fleet requirements and recommend the most suitable service agreement. Once you have selected a programme, your equipment will receive regular inspection, preventative maintenance and proper calibration. Potential problems will be prevented before they occur.

And when it comes to the cost, the best surprise of all is no surprise. You choose your level of coverage so you know exactly which services and parts are covered.

"iKare", your web portal for fleet management, allowing you to check fleet status and service-due planning.