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Tesco Dot-Com Fleet Gains Operational Flexibility with Thermo King E-200 All-Electric Refrigeration Units

52 new Tesco vans with electric E-200 units hit the roads in the UK

Thermo King E-200 Electric Refrigeration Unit with Hold-Over Capacity on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans

E-200 electric and zero-emission refrigeration unit passed the technical validation to run on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter’s auxiliary batteries

Thermo King Awards its Dealer Service Network

Ballinlough Refrigeration of Ireland with the highest recognition – Dealer of the Year 2019

Thermo King Electric Units Cool Mediplus Pharma Distribution Fleet in Romania

Mediplus’ fleet with Thermo King solutions makes one of Romania’s largest active pharmaceutical distribution fleet in operation running only electrical refrigeration units.

Thermo King E-200 Electric Units Bring New Operational and Sustainability Value to Online Grocery Store in Sweden

With E-200 units MatHem’s fleet has more fresh and frozen cargo space and hold over capacity to keep groceries at the right temperature all the way to the customers’ door

Thermo King wins European Transport Award for Sustainability 2020 for its Innovative, Fully Electric E-200 Refrigeration Unit

Thermo King® took home the European Transport Award for Sustainability 2020. [1] The innovative, fully electric E-200 unit for vans and trucks below 3,5 tonnes won the competition in the “cooling and heating” category.

Thermo King Expands the Connected Solutions Portfolio with Lease Assist and TouchLog Data Logger

Thermo King Lease Assist and TouchLog data logger: Extending the Connected Solutions  portfolio

Thermo King Connected Solutions Package Together with Chéreau’s Refrigerated Trucks and Trailers

Customers ordering Thermo King equipped bodies from Chereau will now receive a Connected Solutions package for increased connectivity and smarter fleet operation

Thermo King Introduces Hybrid Refrigeration System for Trucks

Seamless switch between diesel and electric mode allows transporters to operate in inner cities, residential areas and low emission zones with the unit’s diesel engine turned off.