Flexible, protective, and effortless

The C-Series is the ideal solution for delivering temperature-sensitive cargo in small, medium, or large vehicles of up to 52m3. With their superior flexibility, the units are perfectly suited to the rigorous demands of multi-drop distribution runs, even in extreme high and low ambient temperatures.

The faster temperature pull-down enables quicker recovery from door openings and better cargo protection. The user-friendly in-cab controller ensures effortless and error-free operation. Plus, C-Series models are ultralight and compact, so you can maximize your payload.


The C-Series has been extended to include optimal single-temperature control solutions for large trucks up to 52m3. The new and powerful C-550, C-650, and C-750 models deliver all the benefits you expect from the C-Series, including large condensing capacity, lightweight construction, and compact design.

Variety of unit types

What are your temperature control needs? No defrost, heating and cooling, or just cooling? The C-Series offers a variety of lightweight and highly energy efficient units to suit your needs.

Plus, the C-Series stays chilled even in extreme high and low ambient temperature situations. As ambient temperatures determine the unit you choose, Thermo King has created the MAX 10 versions for regions that don’t require heating.

Protecting your cargo

Looking for top temperature control and reliable, powerful performance, even in demanding, multi-drop urban environments? The highly versatile C-Series protects your cargo with quick temperature pull-down in all ambient temperatures.

Ce-series EUR

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