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Thermo King Unveiling New Customer-Driven Solutions at IAA

1st September 2012

Thermo King is launching innovative new solutions at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show on 20-27 September in Hanover, Germany, which respond to customer needs by driving energy and operational efficiency while providing precise, low-noise temperature control.

New solutions that Thermo King, a manufacturer of transport temperature control solutions for a variety of mobile applications and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, is introducing include the T-500R single-temperature nose mount refrigeration unit, an innovative cryogenics concept unit and new additions to its V-Series of Spectrum units. Attendees can visit the Thermo King Stand, #B15, in Hall 27.

“Thermo King is unveiling customer-driven solutions at IAA that provide lower lifecycle and fuel costs and greater flexibility in multiple-temperature transport,” said Pascal Richard, regional segment leader for the Thermo King portfolio in the Europe, Middle East, India and Africa region for Ingersoll Rand.

T-500 R Single Temperature Nose Mount Refrigeration Unit

Thermo King has extended its class-leading T-Series platform of self-powered truck temperature control systems by adding the T-500R single-temperature nose-mount refrigeration unit. A mini-sized unit that delivers maximum performance, the T-500R meets industry needs for a lighter-weight unit with greater fuel efficiency, increased capacity, a lower lifecycle cost and greater sustainability in truck boxes less than 5.5 metres long.

The unit consumes up to 12 percent less fuel, while significantly lowering carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and provides a 27 percent increase in operating efficiency at fresh Agreement for Perishable Transport (ATP) conditions. Since fuel costs represent approximately half of the solution’s total lifecycle costs, reduced fuel costs can add up quickly. The standard T-500R has been designed to achieve up to a 55 percent reduction in noise levels over previous models without any loss of cooling performance.

The T-500R unit, which incorporates the class-leading performance and reliability of the existing T-Series range of solutions, is replacing the Thermo King MD-100 unit, which is being phased out at the end of September 2012. The platform now includes eight units, offering both single temperature and multi temperature options to meet operators’ diverse needs.

The T-500R unit features unmatched capacities in its segment, delivering up to 5,100 W at 0 degrees C and 2,800 W at -20 degrees C at ATP conditions. These solutions are ideal for urban distribution and dairy transport customers operating smaller trucks.

Innovative Cryogenics Concept Unit

Thermo King will be showcasing upcoming developments on its innovative CryoTech transport refrigeration system with a next generation concept unit.

The concept unit expands on the available range of proven solutions and patented cooling technology by further increasing efficiency, lowering maintenance costs and reducing environmental impact. The concept unit will also offer precise temperature control and telematics integration capabilities, providing maximum load protection and customer peace of mind.

The CryoTech unit will feature the new Thermo King SR-3 controller, the industry’s most advanced controller. The SR-3 provides extremely fine single and multi-temperature control of up to three zones, improving temperature control up to 50 percent over existing CryoTech systems. The unit will also feature the proven, easy-to-use interface and displays already available on the SLXe and T-Series ranges.

The SR-3 controller offers fleet tracking capabilities as well, enabling users to retrieve diagnostics using a thumb drive. This unit will also feature the industry’s first dual-mode cellular/WiFi monitoring capabilities delivered through the Thermo King TracKing system.

The TracKing system is an industry-leading, web-enabled fleet management system that gives users an overview of their transport fleet 24 hours a day. Remote monitoring provides vital information such as current box temperatures, set-point and air emissions, as well as sends alarms if an issue arises.

Thermo King currently offers the CryoTech CT-10, CT-10 Spectrum and CT-15 Spectrum systems for single and multi-temperature truck and trailer applications. Because they are powerful, reliable and exceptionally quiet, CryoTech systems are ideal for urban distribution.

V-200 MAX Spectrum and V-300 MAX Spectrum Units

Thermo King is introducing new V-Series Spectrum solutions that increase distribution efficiency and flexibility by allowing highly efficient, low-noise multi-temperature transport. The V-200 MAX Spectrum unit and the V-300 MAX Spectrum represent the latest additions to the Thermo King vehicle-powered V-Series range. The V-300 MAX Spectrum will be on exhibit at IAA.

These units provide the capacities needed for smaller trucks and vans, allowing controlled temperature settings for dual-temperature zone transportation. The configuration is adjustable; it can be fresh-fresh, fresh-frozen, frozen-fresh, or frozen-frozen.

This cooling flexibility allows rental customers to easily offer the van to a customer whose cooling needs may vary. This adaptability also reduces the number of vehicles needed in a fleet, offers increased flexibility to shippers and meets the growing number of two-compartment transportation applications.

In addition, just like the other systems in the V-Series Spectrum portfolio, the V-200 MAX Spectrum and V-300 MAX Spectrum units provide an environmentally-sound transport refrigeration choice, since they are powered by the vehicle rather than a diesel engine. The units also meet low-noise requirements, allowing inner city deliveries without time restrictions or regulation concerns.

In addition, just like the other systems in the V-Series Spectrum portfolio, the V-200 MAX Spectrum and V-300 MAX Spectrum units provide an environmentally-sound transport refrigeration choice suitable for inner city deliveries, since they are powered by the vehicle rather than a diesel engine.\

The V-200 MAX Spectrum, the smallest unit in the V-Series Spectrum platform, is designed for vans or trucks up to 12 cubic metres (m3). The V300 MAX Spectrum can provide cooling for vans and trucks up to 16 m3 and can be configured with three evaporator options to meet various transport needs. Both offer temperature ranges between -25 degrees C and +22 degrees C.

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