Press Release 

Coop Logistik AB Redesigns Transport Logistics to Increase Sustainability, Significantly Reducing CO2 Emissions

15th October 2012

Thermo King honors Coop Logistik AB with Energy Efficiency Leader Award

Leaders at Coop Logistik AB, which distributes fresh and frozen products to Coop stores throughout Sweden, expect to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions as much as 6,700 tons per year after creating a more cost effective supply chain that provides greater control over ingoing and outgoing transport while increasing sustainability and reducing fuel consumption.

The company improved its transport process to increase sustainability, reduce fuel costs and increase energy and operational efficiency. Improvements included moving to an intermodal transport approach that transferred much of the company’s transport to rail. Leaders estimate that the company is now operating its intermodal transport with a weight utilization of 94 percent, which represents a very high standard compared to industry averages.

Previously, Coop Logistik AB depended upon its suppliers’ services to distribute to their terminals. The new process allows them to combine incoming deliveries with store distribution.

In recognition of the commitment that Coop Logistik AB has made to energy and operational efficiency and sustainability, Thermo King, a manufacturer of transport temperature control solutions for a variety of mobile applications and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, presented Coop Logistik AB with the “Energy Efficiency Leader Award” on Oct. 11.

Dwight Gibson, vice president of transport solutions for truck and trailer for Thermo King in Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa presented the award to Peter Rosendahl, director of transportation for Coop Logistik AB.

“We’re pleased that this process enabled us to take control over the efficiency and effectiveness of our transport,” said Jonas Larsson, manager of inbound logistics for Coop Logistik AB. “It’s even better that it helps us meet our commitment to environmental stewardship.”

Coop Logistik AB leaders initiated the transport redesign process in 2009. During planning and set up of the new intermodal solution they worked with Thermo King to audit their existing transport process, including conducting an audit of fuel consumption and sustainability.

Based on the results of this assessment, Coop Logistik AB centralized distribution centers in Stockholm which were previously located throughout Sweden. A new terminal for loading and unloading trailers to trains was built next to their distribution center in Bro in Stockholm County.

All food is now collected in three terminals which are designated for either fresh, colonial or frozen foods. This enables Coop Logistik AB to increase efficiency and automation while giving them greater control over the quality of the inbound distribution process.

Coop Logistik AB also worked with suppliers to transfer transport to their fleet and created an internal transport team that carefully plans the logistics of all company transport and delivery to ensure that transport trailers are available when and where they are needed.

In addition, Coop Logistik AB equipped their fleet with precise, energy efficient temperature control units that allow for fresh, frozen and heated transport. All Thermo King units include service contracts to ensure the highest uptime.

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