LRV Range

Innovative HVAC units for light rail applications

Designed and manufactured to rail standards

A leader in mobile temperature controls, Thermo King has been supplying environmental control units for over 50 years. Now, the reliable comfort found in cross-country railway cars is available for light rail mass transit cars. Specifically designed for light rail vehicles, the Thermo King LRV Range effectively maintains passenger comfort. Streamlined, roof-mounted and microprocessor-controlled, the unit controls temperature and humidity by balancing interior air levels with the outside air. The Thermo King LRV Range also adapts to meet customers’specific requirements.

Can be used on both new and retrofitted light rail cars

New Cars

The Thermo King LRV Range units for new rail cars can be designed into the car and installed during manufacture. Thermo King uses digital models of the cars to provide the manufacturer with efficient, suitable and quick installation procedures.


Older light rail cars are refurbished to extend their service life. In many older cars the temperature control was inadequate or non-existent. When refurbishing cars, the entire air circulation system may be used again with the addition of a Thermo King Range unit. The result: a like-new car with the latest technology available in air comfort systems.