Thermo King, a brand of Trane Technologies, pioneered transport temperature control in 1938 and has been world leader ever since. Today our solutions include temperature control systems for vans, trucks, trailers, railway trucks, air, sea-going and intermodal containers. Plus HVAC products (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) for subway carriages, rail carriages and buses. All Thermo King products are backed by an extensive dealer network that provides expert, factory-trained service and a complete line of genuine and competitively priced parts.


Our solutions enhance the quality of life by protecting and caring for the products that matter to people everywhere. From the food we eat – fresh, chilled and frozen – to pharmaceuticals, flowers, luxury cars, paint, computer components, electronics, musical instruments, and much, much more. Our refrigeration and temperature control technology keeps these sensitive products at their optimum temperature regardless of ambient conditions. Our heating, ventilation and air-conditioning products for bus and train passengers help keep travellers comfortable, too.


We are committed to providing a standard of assurance that is unequalled anywhere:

  • Performance and value – the highest uptime and reliability
  • Built-in savings – the lowest total cost of ownership
  • Expert service and support – the most extensive and expert dealer network
  • Focused sustainability – leading sustainable solutions for business

Performance and value 

It helps your bottom line when your transportation equipment performs reliably and efficiently. Thermo King equipment has proven dependability, and our products retain their value better than anyone else’s in the industry.

Built-in savings

Better design delivers a lower cost of ownership. Tough construction along with proven reliability and efficiency save you money on your service and maintenance costs. Our sustainable designs pay off with reduced energy consumption. Our quality testing improves product performance and uptime. And our longer maintenance cycles save you time and money.

Expert service and support

The Thermo King Dealer network sets the world standard for service support. More than 500 service points across 75 countries employ over 1,400 Thermo King trained and certified technicians. No matter where you’re going, you will rarely be more than two hours away from a round-the-clock service point, available via a multilingual help line. And with ThermoKare Service and Maintenance Solutions, you can choose the service program that best fits your business needs. 

  Focused sustainability 

Our sustainable solutions focus on making a positive impact on the environment – and on your bottom line. So we offer more efficient and lower emission diesel engines that reduce CO2 output and save you money on your fuel bills. We offer full electric temperature control and hybrid diesel/electric refrigeration that cut fuel bills, comply with the latest and upcoming regulations, and enable you to operate more efficiently. 


Thermo King began life when someone asked Joe Numero if he could help keep a cargo of chickens cool while on their way to market. He accepted the challenge, and with the engineering genius of Frederick M. Jones, the two launched Thermo King. We never forgot that innovation begins with the customer’s needs.


You depend on quality products to maximise profits and provide peace of mind. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped to deliver, with the latest and most advanced technologies and processes. Working closely with our engineering groups, we examine how technology affects critical product characteristics. Out in the real world, our systems and components must endure some of the harshest and most unpredictable environments. Comprehensive testing ensures they make the grade and meet our strict quality and reliability requirements. The result is improved performance throughout the life of our products, and so higher customer satisfaction.


When Joe Numero started Thermo King Corporation in 1938, he emphasised the importance of having a high-quality product supported by high-quality service. He believed that providing technicians with the best education is the way to provide superior support to Thermo King customers. Today, the Thermo King Training Center is the industry-leader for technician training and education. Courses here are designed to enhance technicians’:

  • Technical knowledge of the units and the industry
  • Critical thinking skills for diagnostic and service procedures
  • Skill and expertise in service, maintenance and repair

A team of trained professionals teach their courses with the knowledge that comes from years of field experience.