I care about the future

SWITCH for access and productivity

  • More and more cities are restricting or banning vehicles due to noise or diesel emissions. T- and UT-Series Hybrids ensure current and future access to these delivery locations, maximising fleet utilization.

SWITCH for a future-proof operation

  • Our hybrid solution means you can leverage the economy and low emissions of the most advanced GreenTech truck engines without compromising performance.
  • Emissions can be cut by over 90 % while noise can be reduced to minimal levels for urban deliveries and improved driver comfort.

SWITCH, connect and advance

  • Thermo King BlueBox gives the T- and UT-Series Hybrids advanced connectivity and extended communication capability for optimised fleet management and productivity.
  • The system automatically selects the best operating mode for the current circumstances. When the vehicle comes to a halt, the unit’s controller monitors temperature requirements and vehicle location. The Hybrid unit can be set to operate exclusively on electric mode if required in the Low Emission Zone.

SWITCH and save

  • Operational efficiencies mean that a full return on investment can be obtained within a short time period.
  • Operating in hybrid mode can deliver substantial fuel savings when compared with diesel.
  • Savings of up to 50 % of fuel and related CO2 emissions per year are achievable for each vehicle operating in hybrid mode.
Up to 50% fuel savings in Hybrid mode