ThermoKare service contracts for SLXi

Choosing a ThermoKare Service contract will allow you to eliminate non-core tasks from your daily business operations, such as maintenance planning, scheduling, invoice interpretation and general fleet administration.

And our offer just got better.
As a SLXi owner, you now have access to our enhanced ThermoKare Service Contracts.
You can benefit from:

  • Cost reductions on our bestselling Premium Service Contracts
  • Extra standard services on Premium Service Contracts:
    • Battery failure coverage with every solar panel installation
    • New breakdown assistance programme available

As a SLXi owner, you can also benefit from Extended Warranty offerings up to 5 years via Dealer Service Solutions.

With ThermoKare for SLXi, we offer Premium and Dealer Service Solutions at a competitive price. With new extra services included on our service contracts. That’s why you are winning.

SLXi ThermoKare brochure

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