I care about low emissions.

Key challenges that face today’s refrigerated trailer fleet operators include:

  • Reducing their environmental footprint to comply with ever more stringent requirements from ordering parties
  • Ensuring the distribution of fresh products in densely populated urban areas where access is limited to low-noise, low-emissions vehicles
  • Retaining the flexibility needed to operate either distribution or long haul as required
  • Making these changes without impacting operating cost.

SLXi Hybrid provides the lowest total cost of ownership and the smallest environmental footprint for both distribution and long haul applications.

I care about the future

Full access to restricted zones

  • More and more cities are restricting or banning vehicles due to noise or diesel emissions. SLXi Hybrid ensures current and future access to every delivery location.

Fuel efficiency and operational savings

  • A full return on investment can be obtained within a relatively short time period.
  • Operation in hybrid mode can deliver substantial fuel savings compared with diesel operation.
  • Savings of up to 5,000 litres of fuel per year and emissions reductions of 13,500kg of CO2 are achievable for each vehicle operating in hybrid mode.
  • Lower engine operating hours mean less frequent maintenance, further cost savings and extended equipment life.

I care about silence

Low emissions, low noise level

  • Our hybrid solution means you can leverage the economy and low emissions of the most advanced tractor engines without compromising performance.
  • Emissions can be cut by over 90% while noise can be reduced to minimal PIEK levels for urban access and driver comfort.