Innovators think Hybrid

System intelligence for ease of operation, compliance and productivity gains

  • Thermo King BlueBox gives the SLXi Hybrid advanced connectivity and extended communication capability for optimised fleet management and productivity.
  • Compliance with PIEK or Low Emissions Zone restrictions can be ensured without driver intervention.
  • The system automatically selects the best operating mode for the current circumstances. When the vehicle comes to a halt, the unit’s controller monitors temperature requirements and vehicle location to either remain in electric mode inside a diesel-ban area or shift to diesel mode if additional cooling is needed.

Retrofittable so no need to wait for new equipment purchases

  • The SLXi Hybrid gives you the opportunity to optimise your existing fleet and minimise your environmental footprint.
  • Your Thermo King Dealer can advise on the best retrofit solution for your specific needs.
  • Your asset values can be maintained while securing short-term investments.
  • You retain total flexibility in choosing alternative fuels such as LNG, CNG and biofuel.

Full support from the most extensive Dealer service network in the industry

  • The Thermo King Dealer network employs 1400 certified technicians and is fully equipped to maintain advanced hybrid systems.
  • With over 500 authorised service points open 24/7 in 75 countries, you will never be far away from expert support.