Temperature management solution for direct-drive trucks and non-Thermo King refrigerated units

Our TempuTrak solution uses GPS-based telematics to provide real-time temperature monitoring—helping you keep track of your refrigerated assets and perishable cargo with enhanced reliability.

Product features

  • Stand-alone tracking device
  • Real-time temperature sensing
  • Door openings monitoring
  • Time and location tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Real-time alarms
  • Online access 24/7
  • Sophisticated reporting
  • Easy plug and play installation
  • Easily programmable over-the-air software with no disruptions to operations

Competive advantages

  • Cost-competitive: TempuTrak offers a flexible, high-performance solution at a competitive price.
  • High visibility: TempuTrak enables drivers, fleet managers and customers to proactively monitor the load in real time using the online portal, alarms or reports.
  • Flexible online monitoring using the TracKing website.


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