Press Release 

Thermo King Introduces New PIEK-Certified Refrigeration Unit for Quiet Distribution

14th November 2013

Thermo King, a manufacturer of transport temperature control solutions for a variety of mobile applications and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, breaks new ground in the temperature controlled distribution sector with the launch of the quiet PIEK certified SLXe-300 Whisper Pro trailer unit.

Distribution companies know that reduced sound levels can mean low performance at a high price. In contrast, the Thermo King SLXe Whisper Pro unit offers the best of both worlds: high performance and reduced sound levels.

As a one-piece unit, installation and maintenance costs are minimized. The market-leading fuel economy of the SLXe is retained and its outstanding cooling performance means optimal load protection, whatever the ambient temperature.

The key requirement for transporters operating in an urban environment is that their refrigeration unit should meet strict noise regulations. The SLXe Whisper Pro complies with the most stringent and most recent PIEK requirements by using geo-fencing to automatically switch into low-noise mode when entering a controlled zone. The absence of manual intervention meets the very latest PIEK requirement. This allows users to operate unrestricted schedules, no matter where their route takes them.

Night operation means less traffic congestion, shorter travel times, reduced emissions and reduced fuel costs. And because the SLXe-300 Whisper Pro is a full-on 13.6 meter trailer unit, transporters avoid being forced into using smaller and less economical vehicles for urban deliveries.

“The Thermo King SLXe-300 Whisper Pro meets the need for silent operation, uncompromised performance and low environmental impact,” said Michel Poinsignon, product leader for trailer and rail refrigeration for Thermo King in Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa.

“Thermo King has always taken a holistic view on environmental impact, right through the equipment lifecycle from sourcing to operation and disposal. With the new PIEK compliant diesel trailer unit, Thermo King offers the industry a solution that provides maximum load protection and delivery time flexibility while holding down operating costs.”

To develop such a high performance, PIEK-certified solution, Thermo King engineers built upon the company’s 75 year history of technical innovation. They chose a specially designed acoustic package to reduce the creation of sound energy and contain it at the source.

Strategically located noise-absorbent materials and a redesigned engine compartment reduce noise transmission. Even the exhaust system has been specially tuned to minimize sound generation at low engine speeds. These mechanical innovations were married to a piece of electronic wizardry, in the form of a dedicated controller which monitors time and position to switch the unit into low-noise mode only when it is required.

The technological achievement is considerable. Not only does the SLXe Whisper Pro give the operator compliance and flexibility, but the unit also delivers an improvement of approximately 15 percent in fuel efficiency when compared to other models in its market segment.

As part of the SLXe range, the Whisper Pro unit benefits from the same strengths including ease of service, commonality of components, high resale value and the expert 24/7 support of the Thermo King Dealer network.

The operating mode of a unit is determined by an enhanced intelligence controller depending on two parameters, time and location. Local PIEK criteria can be simply programmed on one trailer and then the same parameters can be uploaded to the whole fleet.

For the environmentally conscious operator, the SLXe Whisper Pro offers low environmental impact without compromising on reliability or sound levels. Lower fuel consumption, lower CO2 emissions, lower sound levels and increased component recyclability make it a truly compelling proposition.

Solutrans details
Thermo King will unveil the SLXe Whisper Pro solution on 19-23 November at stand # 173 in Hall 4, at the Solutrans exhibition in Lyon, France. Visitors will be able to learn more about the new PIEK-certified refrigeration unit as well as other truck and trailer solutions from Thermo King.

For more information, please contact Heidi McGuire.