Zero emissions

CryoTech allows you to reduce your transport refrigeration equipment carbon footprint by 90%. It’s a smart choice for your company too, building an image of environmental and social responsibility, sustainable transport solutions and total compliance. By using recycled R744 as its power source, CryoTech systems operate with no additional carbon emissions. And because no HFC refrigerants are used, there will be no global warming impact either.

Did you know?

Europe’s major cities – Brussels, Berlin, London, Paris and Amsterdam – have started taking steps to ban all commercial vehicles that produce exhaust emissions including NOx and particulate matter (PM). Considering that CryoTech has zero exhaust emissions, it is the perfect solution for unrestricted access.

That´s food for thought.

Time to change for a better future.

Emissions *

* Based on present fleet in the Netherlands and Scandinavia.