SR-3 CryoTech controller

The key to total temperature management

Powerful and simple to use, the new SR-3 CryoTech controller makes it easy to accurately manage the temperature in the truck or trailer, no matter where you are or what you are hauling.

Enhanced performance and temperature control

The SR-3 CryoTech controller includes features that enhance unit performance and reduce costs, such as:

  • Optimization software especially designed for CryoTech
  • Superior temperature control
  • EE V (Electronic Expansion Valve)
  • Reduced CO2 consumption

Improved safety and security

At the end of the day, protecting your load is what matters. The SR-3 makes that job easier and even more effective with a range of enhanced features:

  • Keypad with lock-out
  • Battery/Electric stand-by auto switching
  • Set-point warning
  • Password protection
  • Data Acquisition System (DAS) and TracKing compatibility

Intuitive interface and ease of operation

The simple and logical menus, easy to read screen and choice of 9 languages make this the interface of choice. This allows quick and easy setup and precise refrigeration adjustments, helping your drivers, your customers and ultimately your business.

Full suite of data recording, management and analysis tools

Data Acquisition System (DAS) and CargoWatch™

The high performance datalogger records up to 6 independent sensors to meet the current regulatory requirements:

  • Approved to EN 12830, CE mark and IP-65 standards
  • Memory storage for over 1 year’s data and internal Real Time Clock
  • The DAS (or CargoWatchTM for CT-15 units) connects to the SR-3 CryoTech controller to provide equipment information:
    • Set-point, unit sensors temperature and operating mode
    • Carbon dioxide level, battery voltage, door opening and alarms essential for CryoTech operations
  • The data stored is easily accessible and exportable to different media:
    • Downloadable to PC via USB and Wintrac
    • Printable via CargoPrint
    • Transferable over the air via TracKing or i-Box


This on-line platform offers the operator visibility of his vehicles and their loads. Benefits include:

  • Optimum temperature management via out-of-range alarm
  • Unit up-time based on reefer alarm monitoring
  • Cargo integrity thanks to 2-way commands with CryoTech reefer

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The SR-3 CryoTech controller is also compatible with the Thermo King protocol interpreter, i-Box. The i-Box interface allows third party systems to read the CryoTech reefer information.