Making the switch to CryoTech

Businesses are often reluctant to make operational changes. Some delay until their competitors move first. Now, with many hundreds of installed systems and over ten years of experience, Thermo King and their dealer network are perfectly equipped to help companies make the switch.

Not every transport operation is suited to CryoTech technology and the first step in any consultation is an in-depth evaluation of the business application. This will include:

  • The daily delivery cycle
  • Loading and unloading practices
  • Driver training needs
  • Fuel supply options: use of existing regional network of filling stations or installation of storage facility on site
  • Cost of ownership including operation, maintenance and residual value
  • Recalculation of the transport operation’s carbon footprint to determine before and after measures
  • Availability of subsidies
  • Equipment demonstration
  • Meeting existing users of the technology (where feasible)

Find out if CryoTech is to become the future of your business. Contact your nearest Thermo King dealer.