CryoAssist with every CryoTech unit

Full service support

To ensure total customer satisfaction with the ownership and operation of CryoTech equipment, as well as total peace of mind, all CryoTech units come with a CryoAssist package. With CryoAssist, the local Thermo King dealer takes responsibility for keeping the unit running reliably and efficiently. That means the operator can concentrate on running his business.

CryoAssist includes:

Driver training

Specific driver training is provided to ensure that operating costs are minimised and up-time is maximised. Training is carried out when units are first put into operation and then on a regular basis for new drivers. 
Topics covered include:

  • How to operate the unit and filling station
  • Best practice in loading and unit operation
  • Safety in operation and refueling, including provision of safety equipment for drivers

Maintenance and service

To maximise fuel efficiency and minimise downtime, a full preventive maintenance schedule, including interim inspections, is provided under contract by fully trained technicians at the Thermo King dealer. Fuel tank re-vacuuming is performed as required. Only genuine Thermo King approved replacement parts are used.

Reduced operational costs*

When using your CryoTech unit, carbon dioxide consumption is influenced by many factors including the insulation of the vehicle body, the ambient temperature, cargo temperature and the Standard Operational Procedures (SOP) in effect. CryoAssist will support you in minimizing operational costs by measuring carbon dioxide consumption to highlight opportunities for further economy. 
* available in some countries.