The cleanest truck on the road

tkv* Thermo King Süd in Ulm, a German Thermo King dealer developed a specialized cleaning method for trucks and trailers to make sure all materials are 100% virus-free

The importance of fresh: making the most of retailer investments

Up to the late 19th century people only ate what they could grow, or what nearby farmers had to offer. For those living in harsher climates that meant a limited and bland winter diet, and the annual ‘spring sickness’ due to a lack of vitamins throughout the cold months. Nobody transported fruit and vegetables beyond

Intermodal logistics: the rise of rail

With the challenges faced by intermodal solutions, rail is proving a real growth area for logistics companies. Advances in rail’s ability to maintain precise temperature conditions is driving this change – and leading to significant performance and sustainability benefits.

Putting insight to work: the value of Connected Solutions

Data. We all know its importance, and that the cold chain of the future will be a fully ‘data-driven’ endeavor. The question for most fleet owners however is what should we be doing with data today?

Maintaining control from a distance – 3 cold chain monitoring solutions

There are many things that can go wrong in the cold chain as you move loads from A to B. Here’s a brief overview of 3 technologies that will always keep you in the know.

Saying no to thermal injury and spoilage: why temperature control matters

The quality, longevity (read: shelf life), and safety of foods in any cold chain are governed by two principle values: time and temperature. Both have a big impact on the growth of microorganisms, including pathogens that grow on or in a product. Indeed the role of chilling (to temperatures usually between 0°C and +5°C) and

The makings of a good integrated solution

Becoming an integrated solution provider brings with it a compelling central promise: the ability to get closer to your customers. To have more ‘strategic’ conversations over their refrigeration needs versus a pure product (read: tactical) sell.

The 7 benefits of solution selling

You know the importance of building a closer relationship with your customers. By combining expertise, convenience and practical know-how, you are their go-to person for refrigeration advice.