The cleanest truck on the road

tkv* Thermo King Süd in Ulm, a German Thermo King dealer developed a specialized cleaning method for trucks and trailers to make sure all materials are 100% virus-free

Throwing a Life Line to Customers

Thermo King’s 24-hour support system keeps fleets rolling

Winter is coming – time to get your fleet fully prepared

With winter fast approaching, it’s good practice to prepare your fleet for the upcoming drop in temperatures with a winter check.

Thermo King tool spotlight: Alarm Codes

There are many tools you can call upon to get customers excited. Capabilities that help them achieve their ambition for a smarter, more efficient operation. But what of Alarm Codes? Where and how should these enter into customer conversations? Should you even be promoting a tool that speaks of ‘alarm’? What specific benefits do they help

A ‘how to’ guide for managing risk across the cold chain

Spoilage: one word that highlights the impact of risk not being effectively managed across a cold chain. It’s a universal problem too judging by the numbers:

The power of 5: our top best practice recommendations for the cold chain                

OK, maybe best practice is an over-used word these days. Another ambiguous addition to the marketer’s dictionary. But actually, what it represents is real, practical value, born from hard-won experiences and proactive advice– mixed with the latest technologies and industry thinking.

Fuel economy – cutting the cost of running refrigeration equipment

There has never been a more important time to try to maximize fuel efficiency in order to maintain profit levels for your business.

The 7 benefits of solution selling

You know the importance of building a closer relationship with your customers. By combining expertise, convenience and practical know-how, you are their go-to person for refrigeration advice.

Telematics: keeping transport on track for food retailers

Have you ever talked telematics with your customers before? If not there’s a wide range of reasons to do so, and an array of benefits open to both you and your clients.