Spectacular savings. 100% guaranteed.

Advancer’s radically reengineered 48V DC mild hybrid architecture combined with stunning innovations – such as fully variable airflow – have unlocked unseen levels of fuel-efficiency.

We stand by our newest trailer refrigeration unit’s standout fuel savings, system efficiency, and unparalleled uptime and are willing to pay you back the difference if Advancer doesn’t reach its fuel-saving target after one year.

If your new Advancer units don’t reach their fuel-saving targets after year 1, we’ll pay you back the difference.

Estimate your fuel savings online

Head over to our online calculator, fill in your total fuel consumption per year, and get an estimate of how much fuel you could save by switching over to Advancer!

Lock in your money-back guarantee

The precise calculation of your potential fuel-savings includes a lot more details, of course. When you visit your dealer to enroll in our fuel-saving program, we will examine your average ambient temperature and whether you transport mostly fresh or frozen goods – among other variables.

In the end, you will receive a final calculation – and along with it; our commitment to your fuel-savings.
A commitment that is so strong that we will pay you back the difference if Advancer doesn’t reach its target.

Go to your Thermo King dealer to fill in the TK SmartSaver application together.